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A Memory Keeper on Vacation


It’s summer time which usually means time for vacation, this year we are at the beach. My family and I are spending 17 days in Daytona Beach with my Mom. 17 days of fun in the sun at the beach, at the pool, and playing everywhere in between. 17 days of photos and 17 days with no scraping. (The no scraping part is sad but the beach will make it better.)

As I write this we have about 4 days left here and I’m feeling pretty good about my photo taking and story development (fancy right), so I thought I would share.

3 Vacation Photo Taking Tips

  1. Keep the number of saved photos under control, delete often. If you are like me you are snapping tons of photos and only some of them are keepers. Take time every day or so to delete those bad ones, it will help keep your camera roll clean.
  2. Gather photos from all devices regularly. There are four cameras taking the majority of the photos this trip, my iPhone 7, my big camera Sony A6000 Mirrorless, my Mom’s iPhone 7, and her big camera. I try to download all the photos to my computer everyday to keep the days together. I have a Mac computer so all my iPhone photos automatically share to Photos. My big camera is easy too, just plug in the memory stick, that works for Mom’s big camera too. For the photos on her iPhone I just text them to myself and they share easily. Making this happen just takes a couple minutes and it keeps all the photos from one outing or day together in my photo stream which is super helpful.BONUS – Since I work in the Apple Cloud all the photos I upload to my computer automatically share to my iPhone, making for easy social media sharing.  
  3. It’s ok to put the camera away. This is a hard one, even for me, but you don’t have to have your camera or phone to your face all day everyday. When you get somewhere take some photos (you know like 100 🙂 then put it away for a while. Especially when you are at water locations it’s hard to keep it out. You will get enough photos and you won’t feel chained to the camera.



Think When You Click

When you take photos are you thinking about the story you are capturing or the products you will pair with the photo? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who thinks about this. I’m not the only crazy photo who takes photos of my kids eating popsicles and thinks about the cute popsicles stickers on the Summer Photoplay sheet that I can use.

When you are on vacation you are living in a story, for most of us the whole vacation will be documented somehow so it’s one BIG story. But you can also look at each activity or day or theme as another story. All the pool pictures are a story, all the family sitting around together is a story, all the park time is a story and so on. You don’t have to decide what stories will end up on a page or even if a story will end up in an album but you can think a little bit as you take photos.

  • Is this photo saying something I want to remember? A time, place, person, thing, activity, so on.
  • Do I already have 10 of this same photo? If you are going to the beach 5 times during the vacation try to vary the type of photo you are taking. Smiling in the sun with the ocean in the background is a great photo but how many do you need?
  • Is there an overarching theme I want to capture? My son is really in to thumbs up in photos now, and it’s going to be cool to do one page with all the photos of him doing thumbs up all through out the vacation.
  • Do you have a running list of must take photos? Specific people together, in front of landmarks or signs, things happening for the first time, landscape photos, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong I defiantly don’t think before I take every photo but I would say I do think sometimes. These are also things to think about as you delete photos daily.


Memory Keeping on Vacation 

Vacations are super fun but if your like me you start to miss your craft desk, pretty supplies and time alone. So the question is how can we scrap on the go?

You won’t find me sitting by the pool on a lounge chair working with my watercolors in my travelers notebook like Amy Tan, but I thought I could do something.

Prior to leaving, like the day before. I decided to make a travelers notebook insert and take it with me to add some photos too while on vacation. I pulled together some supplies and even made my own fake instax photo frames.

You can check out a full video walk through of my notebook here
and a look at the supplies I’m taking here.  
Getting everything ready and packing was fun but was I actually going to use it? I thought I would, this vacation is spent at my Mom’s house and I thought I would have some time here and there. Well, I did get sometime and I was able to finish a handful of pages but I certainly didn’t do as much as I hoped. Here’s a look at a couple pages I was able to complete.
I think, or at least I will blame it on, the fact that I didn’t have an instax printer slowed me down. Like I said I made some fake paper instax frames with my cricut before leaving and I was able to print at home but it wasn’t as easy as the little printer would be. Plus I didn’t bring enough frames. So I’m at a stand still not being able to add the any more pictures.
So I would say a main consideration of scrapbooking on vacation is how are you going to print your photos?
Another option is just just create the travelers notebook with empty spots for your photos, but I don’t think I could do that. You could also just doing lots of journaling while you on actually on vacation, either on your phone on with good old paper and pen. Then when you get home you can pair that with photos and make a travelers notebook or some layouts.
There is also the Project Life App, where you can make pocket page style pages on your phone while you are out. This can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any extra supplies or printing. Then after you complete all the pages from your trip you can either print them as 12×12 or 8×8 or the brand new 10×10 single sheets and add them to page protectors in an album or have them all printed as a photo book.
All this to say there are lots of options for memory keeping on vacation. Also be realistic with your time, I thought I could get some done because this is a family trip staying at someone’s house. If we were at an amusement park or planned to have really long busy days I don’t think I would have even bothered taking stuff. Think about your time before you pack it all up.


My Plan After the Trip 

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time thinking about the scrapbook pages I will create. I know I might be weird but I think it’s fun to plan out how I’m going to scrap one photo or a whole trip. And before you jump to any crazy ideas I don’t always do that. There are lots of layouts that just happen at my desk with no prior thought at all.

But since I’m away from my craft desk and have some down time to think about stuff I have been thinking about how I’m going to scrap this trip when I get home. I think my plan will be to make several (and I mean SEVERAL) layouts mainly 12×12 to put in my yearly album.

I could do a mini album, or pocket pages, or really anything else but I think 12×12 (and maybe an 8 1/2 x 11 here or there) is what I want to do. Don’t forget you can do whatever you want with your crafty projects. 🙂

I don’t think I’m going to take a chronological approach this time, even though that’s usually how I scrap. I think I’m going to make pages that tell an overall story. Like I mentioned earlier there will be a page, probably a double page spread, with my oldest giving thumbs up everywhere. I’m also thinking a layout with photos of my youngest at the beach on different days and doing different things there, he really loved it.

I have been recording a couple phrases my kids of been saying while we are here and those might turn into layouts with multiple photos. Like my youngest keeps saying, “one more time”. I could pair that with 4-5 photos of things he wanted to do over and over again.

So you get the idea, I have big plans and even more photos. It’s going to be fun, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to my craft desk to play with all these photos. And don’t worry I will be sharing everything with you all. 🙂

There you go, my two cents on memory keeping on vacation, I would love to hear what you all think about scraping on the go. Give me some tips or share some fails (those are always funny).

Until next time.



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100 Day Project: Catching Up

The 100 Day Project is not joke, and yes I have fallen behind. Sometimes life gets in the way and if you don’t make something a priority it can fall to the waist side. BUT that’s ok, you can always catch up and re-start a project.

I have missed a full week but this project is still important to me, so I will continue.

For those of you that are playing along with me, here is what we have missed.

Let’s keep moving forward!