Who I am as a Scrapbooker

I started scrapbooking when I was like 13 years old in 1997. My Mom and I started with Creative Memories and I loved it from the start.Unknown2


My first style of scrapbook.

I made several 81/2 x 11 albums then started with 12×12. Making pages was fun and easy for me. I loved taking photos of my friends and almost all my pages where about my school life. I even did a couple mini books as Christmas Gifts one year. I remember always loving it.



As it does life started to get in the way, I finished high school and started college still scrapbooking along the way. But when I got married and move out of my parent’s house things started to slow down.

I didn’t have a space anymore and I didn’t really work on albums very much. I would pull my supplies out every once in a while but nothing consistent. Then we moved into our first house and I was able to set up a scrapbook area in the basement. YAY!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 4.12.35 PM

Layouts from my 2002 album from high school.

I would scrapbooking here and there always doing 12×12 traditional layouts.  Sometimes I would do a mini album every once in a while. Still loving it and wishing I was doing more.


The first page of my pregnancy album.


Then I got pregnant and of course I had high hopes for scrapbooking my first child. I started out strong and made a pregnancy album (you can see a video of it here). But once baby boy was here scrapbooking was put on the back burner.


I still thought about scrapbooking and wished I was doing it, but nothing ever happened.


In 2014, 3 1/2 years later, I started googling and playing around online learning about what people were doing now in the scrapbooking world and found Becky Higgins and Project Life.pl logoI remember hearing about Project Life when it first started in 2010 and thinking it wasn’t for me but it had evolved quite a bit since it’s start and looked pretty cool now. Over Christmas break 2014 I downloaded and start using the Project Life App.


It was fun and fast, I was having a blast. It was great to tap into my creativity again and play with photos and products. But I wasn’t sure about how I was going to print these pages out. Without thinking too hard about that I just kept making pages, after about 125 I stopped. It was getting crazy and I didn’t see how I was going to print them for an actual book.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 3.50.30 PM

Pages made with the Project Life App.

It was time to start the physical version, and in spring of 2015 I did just that. I started with the last part of 2011, from the birth of my son in September. That first album (only 4 months) came together fast and I loved it.

2011 page

Page from my 2011 Project Life Album.

I was now scrapbooking again and loving Project Life, even though I wasn’t really doing it “right”. I was playing in message boards and watching You Tube videos and loving everything.

I finally decided to print the app pages I had made for the last half of 2014 and the first half of 2015.

I changed page protector styles a couple times (I have actually changed again) and played around with style. But I love it and I love that my photos are in albums and I am scrapbooking again.

2015 page

Page from my 2015 Project Life Album.

I am working on past years albums as well as trying to keep the current year up to date. My current status is

2011 – Finished

2012 – Jan – July Finished

2013 – Not started

2014 – Jan – September Finished, Photos in place for rest of year

2015 – Finished

2016 – Work in progress, January – Mid February finished

It’s fun to be back in the scrapbook grove and I’m happy to be working with photos and projects again.


2 thoughts on “Who I am as a Scrapbooker

  1. That’s so nice that you and your mom started scrapbooking together – my mom has never been a very crafty person. Good luck with finishing up your albums!


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