Storytelling with Project Life by Ali Edwards

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.14.38 PMI just finished Ali Edwards’ Storytelling with Project Life class and it was the best class I have ever taken.

I have been following Ali Edwards for a while now on her website and blog, her style really speaks to me and I love watching her videos, plus she is super nice.

This four week paid class was offered during the month of February 2016 but I’m pretty sure she plans to host it again later this year.

Each Tuesday she released a new lesson with a handout, several videos and tons of ideas. The first week talks about going back and she does a video walk through of all her past Project Life albums, it was great to see that her’s aren’t 100% complete either.

In the following lessons she talks about her story process, gives tons of story ideas and shows you how to use your products.

This class really got me thinking about why I love scrapbooking and why I love Project Life and to focus on what I want to see in my albums and how to achieve it.

Since taking her class, watching and re-watching her videos, and thinking about my own style I have changed my project life process FOR THE BETTER! I am now including way more stories and thinking more about the story then ever before.

For me I have always said the most important part of a scrapbook is the photos and I still believe they are important but now I think the most important part of a scrapbook is your life, the photos and the story.

You can read more about Ali Edwards on her website or check out her Craft the Story Facebook page for more details as well.


6 thoughts on “Storytelling with Project Life by Ali Edwards

  1. I also took her class and LOVED it and found it so informative. I also now look at it more like”whats the story of today or week that I want to remember . I use to find it hard because my kids are older and don’t want pictures or to always go out with us , not to mention they have work and school but that changed for me since her class. I also took away the most important thing for me Less is more (supplies) , don’t over think the crafting part or I will never do it , JUST DO IT , I sound like Nike now lol. Since that class I have left 99% of my FB groups to focus on PL and as not to be distracted. I cancelled all my planner subscriptions , I just plan now with pen and paper and a few stickers or stamps if I want. I am only going to follow Ali because I feel she really cares about Creating a Story for our lives and not so much on pushing her products. Saying that , I did subscribe to her Story Telling Kits and Stamp and will continue to take her classes as they are the most informative . Thank you Ali Edwards and Lea Rhea for sharing your blog , AWESOME Blog.


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