Starting with Story

One of the big take aways from Ali Edwards‘ Storytelling with Project Life class was this idea of Starting with Story.

Thinking about the story first when it comes to taking a photo, choosing products, and making a spread. Since taking the class I have started to do this more especially with the photos that I take. I usually take so many photos every day and every week it is nice to have more of a focus.

Yesterday while riding in the car my son and I were talking about rolling down the window, and how much he loves to have the window down in the car. Pretty much every day he asks me if it’s warm enough to roll down the window and asks that it not blow to hard. Since it was a super nice day I let him roll down the window in the back seat, he was so happy to push the button himself and then he just sat there staring out the window.

While this was happening in the backseat and I was thinking I want to remember this moment and his excitement about having the window down. So when we were stopped at a light I snapped a quick photo.

Starting with story

I can not thank Ali Edwards enough for how she has changed my style of Project Life and how I think about the photos I take. Remember to Start with Story.


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