Leap Day Mini Album

Leap Day only comes around every four years, why not celebrate it.

I have been thinking about what I should do for Leap Day for the last few weeks and a couple days before February 29th I decided I was going to take 29 photos that day. Of course I was going to take more then 29 photos but I wanted to focus on 29.

Once the day started I was happy snapping photos then about mid morning I decided I was also going to write 29 stories as well.

I have been taking the Ali Edwards Storytelling with Project Life class and have been learning so many fun journaling techniques and ideas and was excited to practice them. I just grabbed some paper and started writing stories.

Throughout the day I was able to take a bunch of photos and journal quite a bit. Sometimes the journaling was specifically about the photo I took and sometimes it was more general about life as we know it.

Then I had to think about what was I going to do with all of this? A mini album, of course! I really do like making mini albums, always have. I had a paper pad that I have been wanting to use so the project was created!



Title page of my Mini Album.

By the end of the day I had 50 photos, some where duplicates of the same shot. (Note: through out the day I was editing the photos I took, I like to take multiple photos every time I take a photo so I get of lot of options. I was being quick with my deleting and only keeping the best one or two per shot.)

I also had 29 stories. I was excited and proud to have this much done already.

The next morning it was time to print my photos. I like to use Walgreens to print photos because I can pick them up right away and they always have a coupon or deal.

Being a planner I need to plan out my mini album first so I would know what size to print the photos.

I already had a bunch of 6×8 Becky Higgins page protects but no album, didn’t let that stop me. I just used a regular 1″ binder to start, I will buy an album later.

When laying out a layout or album I find the easiest thing to do is just print out thumbnails of my photos and move them around. I just take a screen shot of my camera album where the photos I want to use are then bring them in to word and print them out. I can then cut them up and slip them into place.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.43.25 PM.png

Thumbnails of all the photos I took that day. I then cut up the images and slip them into page protectors where they will go.

I did the same thing with my stories just cut them up in to strips and placed them when they would go in the album. Leaving room of filler cards as well.

Now I knew how the album was going to layout, I knew what size I needed each photo, and I placed my photo order. Few hours later picked them up and started having fun.

The album itself came together really easily and it only took me two days to make it, in between being a mother and a wife and working.


Most of the journaling cards were just white cardstock and I hand wrote everything, something that I would have never done in the past, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I also used some Heidi Swapp black and white chipboard pieces that went perfectly.


Keeping the embellishments simple and really focusing on 29 photos and 29 stories was a lot of fun. Of course it was harder for me to narrow it down to 29 photos then it was to write 29 stories.

I’m really happy with the way this album turned out and I hope you like it too. I guess I will have to do it again in four years.



Check it out: Leap Day Mini Album Video


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