So Many Project Ideas

Thanks to Ali Edwards, The Scrap Gals Podcast, several Facebook Groups and tons of You Tube videos I have so many craft project ideas. They are just swimming around in my head, keeping me up at night and I just have to get them out.

52 Saturdays Mini Album – I was thinking the other day I always take photos on Saturdays so it would be easy to pull one photo each Saturday all year. I’m thinking of adding a simple line of journaling to the photo, using the LetterGlow app and print in 4×4 album.

Oldest Son Mini Album – The idea here is to pull about 10 stories per year to put in a 6×8 album of my oldest son. I want this album to be continuous throughout his life (4 years old currently). I just recently watch a video from Jess Forster and loved her simple style for this album. Then of course this will create another album for my youngest son.

Selfie / Personal Album – I kind of started this but it has totally stalled and I’m not very excited about it any more. I need to change it up. The idea for this album is a place for things just about me. My weight lose journey, selfies, goals, plans, thoughts, etc. I’m pretty close to starting this one in a 4×4 size again. I think I will add my Day in the Life journaling in this album, check out more about that here.

December Daily – I don’t really know why but I have been thinking about December Daily a lot recently and I want to go back to past years and complete an album. I think it might be because it just clicked for me on how to approach this project. I originally didn’t like this type of album because one or two photos per day wasn’t enough for me. But now I understand that I am just using it to highlight longer stories that happen through the month and still document all the photos in my Project Life album, game changer. I’m thinking I might complete this project in July, Christmas in July.

Summer Album – I more want to come up with Summer Check List of fun things to do this year. And I’m sure I will make it into another mini album.

Junk Journal – These things are everywhere and super cute. Still not quite sure how I will use it, but it’s on my radar.

Looks like I want to make lots of mini albums, 🙂

I also have several on going projects that I need to work on this year

  • 2013 Project Life – Haven’t started yet
  • 2014 Project Life – Need to complete about 1/2 the year
  • 2016 Project Life – Keep it current

Ok I have a ton to do, lets see what gets done.

If you are looking for some crafty inspirations check out some of my favorite You Tubers:

Of course there are a ton more channels that I just love.

Also here are the Facebook Groups I’m a member of

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has a long project idea list, would love to hear what your plans are.


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