I take a lot of photos, and that’s ok.

Like I said, I take a lot of photos and I like that. I have two young super busy, super cute kids and we do stuff. Stuff like playing outside, going to the park, vacations, spending time with Grandparents and friends, reading books, playing inside, the list goes on and on. Some things are super amazing, like a trip to the Space Center last month, and others are regular days playing outside and eating dinner, but I take pictures of it all. It’s fun, and I like looking back at them seconds later, days later, weeks, months or years later. I like to see what my boys look like, what my husband looks like and what I look like (sometimes) at a specific moment in time or doing a specific some thing. I like to take pictures, and that’s ok.

Yes, sometimes my family gets annoyed at me for taking so many photos and that’s ok too. I don’t let that stop me I would rather have them slightly annoyed for a few minutes and have a photo forever then not get the shot.

Now before you start waging your finger at me and say put the camera down and get in the moment. I do that too, I’m sure I can be better about living in the moment but I usually don’t feel like my camera stops me. I take all my photos on my iPhone and it’s small enough to just pull in and out of my pocket when needed. There are some times when I need to put the camera down and I do that.

When we were at the beach last month I could have held my camera all day just snapping away because everything was beautiful, the boys were being cute, and I wanted to remember everything. I let myself hold my camera for a little while then I would put it away and leave it alone for a long time, then take it out snap a bunch of shots and put it away again. There was even a day I didn’t take one shot of us on the beach because I had already got enough the first two days. It’s a balance and some times I’m good at the balance and something I’m not, and that’s ok.

I also like to scrapbook my pictures, currently using Project Life and a mini album or two along the way. I like doing it and it’s fun for me. I like creating the page or filling the pocket and then I like looking at them when I’m done, and that’s ok. I spend a lot of my time printing photos, and making pages and I like that.

Sometimes I will start taking photos of something and think about how I’m going to document it in my scrapbooks. One example of this was Easter, I started the day taking regular family, egg hunting, eater basket and more photos. I’m sure I took 25 – 30 before lunch and didn’t think much about it but then and about half way through the day I realized I wanted to make a mini album with all these photos so then I started taking even more photos. I think I ended up with over 100 photos from that one day and guess what that’s ok.

You can see my Easter mini album here.

The latest trend seems to be using one photo on a scrapbook page or filling your Project Life spreads with one photo a day, I don’t get that. I have a ton of photos and I want to include them all. Ok not them all but usually more then one per day. And guess what, that’s ok. Scrapbooking doesn’t have any rules and it’s supposed to be fun and a reflection of your life so do what you want (even if you only want to use one photo on a page).

I take a lot of photos and I scrap a lot of photos, and that’s ok.


4 thoughts on “I take a lot of photos, and that’s ok.

  1. I’m glad I’m not alone. I don’t have children but I love taking photos. I feel I live more in the moment when I take pictures then when I dont. Taking pictures and scrapbooking makes me focus on the day rather then the million other things in my head.


  2. Great post!! I love taking photos too! I went hiking with my kids and took almost 200 photos! And I am always struggling whether to do a pretty page with one photos or really showing the moment with many. I think this shift in the industry that causes us to make the perfect layout we tend to put those photos down and don’t get them documented. Which is a shame, right?!! I mean those pictures are still sitting on our computers instead of in our albums where we can enjoy them!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!


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