Week in the Life: My Plan

It is almost time for Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life, and I’m super excited. This will be my first attempt of this project and I think I have created a plan to make it both fun and doable for myself.

What is Week in the Life? 

A week long photo and journaling documentation project created by Ali Edwards. Check out more about it on Ali’s blog.

Basically, it is a combination of both photos and words to tell a story of your week to serve as a snap shot of your life right now.

The official dates for Week in the Life are May 9 – 15, 2016. This is just when Ali is doing hers and she invites people to play along with her. This project can be done anytime, I am actually doing it the following week, May 16 – 22.

3 Main Steps

There are three main steps to this project, take photos, add journaling, combine them both. Individually each of these can seem daunting when you set out to do them for a full 7 days, then when you think about the fact you have to do all three many people get overwhelmed. Now I am not going to lie I am a little scared too, but as with any project the best way to start is with a plan.

I am by no means an expert at this project, I haven’t even completed it before. But I have been doing quite a bit of research and planning on how to execute this project and would like to share my plan with you.

One thing to note, I plan to focus more on the words for this project and get a lot of the why and how into the story. My entire plan is focused on the story (Ali would be so proud).


I’m not too worried about getting enough photos, I take a lot of photos already and don’t feel like it will be too hard to take it up a notch or two this week. I do want to make sure I get a couple key photos during this week and I’m also going to try to spread them out over the week.

Here are some photos I would like to take this week, keep in mind I want to take photos with a story in mind:

  • Group family shot
  • Each family member individually, would love to get these shots at a blank wall with them alone. I think these will be the hardest photo for me to capture.
  • Pair each family member together to tell the story of their relationship (mom and dad, mom and oldest, mom and youngest, dad and oldest, dad and youngest, bothers). I want to try to get these throughout the week, so I can tell a different story each day.
  • Chores around the house, laundry, dishes, cleaning, making the bed, grocery shopping, getting gas, checking the mail, making meals, etc.
  • Food we eat, where we eat it, and why. I want to tell the story of why my son sits at the kitchen counter to eat and why I usually stand in the kitchen to eat my meals.
  • My kids favorite toys or stuffed animals.
  • Husband’s work and hobbies, since he is going to be at work for most of the week I want to tell a little of his story as well. I plan to take a photo of the outside of his work building and the outside of his gym, where he spends most of his time. I’m also going to ask him to take a photo at work but I’m not counting on it.
  • An outside shot to talk about the weather everyday, the different sides of my house, the view from the car, other neighborhood shots. We spend most of our time at home so I want to include different angles on the same place, my house/yard.
  • Myself – I want to make sure I get myself in these photos, either selfies (holding the camera up) or using my timer and getting in the action.
  • Morning routine and bedtime routine, one or two shots per day about our “normal stuff” getting up in the morning, wearing my glasses first thing in the morning, bath time stuff, brushing teeth, tuck into bed.

There will also be photos through out the day of us doing stuff, again like I said I already take a lot of those “what are we doing” photos, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


Since the beginning of the year, and thanks to Ali Edwards, I am focusing on journaling so much more and adding some much more to the story then I have ever before. I will continue to focus on the words and add lots of them to this project as well.

As you saw in my photo list most of my photos I plan to take are in order to tell a specific story but there are also lots of other words I want to include.

I’m planning to add journaling directly to the photos as much as I can using the Letter Glow app, that will be more of what is happening in the photo. Then I will add journaling cards for longer stories.

Here are some of the journaling prompts I want to use to tell my story throughout the project, most of these are from Ali Edwards herself. Some of these I will use are sentence starters of my journaling, or titles for the journaling card, others are just things I want to include somewhere throughout.

  • I want to remember
  • The Story of this photo
  • Mondays are for… Tuesday are for… Wednesday are for…
  • Today you…
  • I love you because…
  • My favorite part of the day…
  • The places we go (Include time or distance it takes to get places)
  • The things we say
  • The stuff we do
  • The things we love
  • Who we are (names, ages, etc)
  • My nicknames for the kids
  • 10 Things About You
  • Favorites / Currently – Listening, Reading, Playing, Watching, Eating, Saying – maybe for each family member on a different day
  • Our perfect day would include?

Those are just some of the ideas I have, again I got a lot of those from Ali’s projects. It’s just stuff I want to include, and I know I most likely won’t include them all it just a nice list to look at throughout the project.

Words + Photos = Mini Album

Here is where I struggled the most, what was I going to do with this project? How was I going to lay it out? What is the finished product going to look like. For most of my projects I like to start with the end in mind (Becky Higgins anyone?).

There are lots of blogs and videos on how people put their Week in the Life album together and I watched most of those :), but I just wasn’t sure yet. Then I saw a post on The Scrap Gals Facebook Group of someone who made what looks like a 6×8 project life style album in photoshop and it just looked so nice, I just had to do it that way.

Now I don’t have photoshop so that’s not going to work, but I do have Becky Higgins Project Life App and that will work perfectly. I have used the app in the past and really liked it but didn’t stick with it because I like playing with paper. But for this mini project I think it will be great.

One of my main concerns in figuring out how I was going to document this project was how I was going to handle the journaling. Like I said I want to include a lot of it but I don’t love my handwriting and computer journaling doesn’t allows look that great so using the app will be perfect. I will be able to have a full page printed together with my journaling included.

Final Plan

I’m going to take a bunch of photos and journal a lot all week, then I’m going to use the Project Life App to make a 6×8 mini album. I do plan to print my finished 6×8 pages and slip them into a d-ring binder.

Now I have a plan and I’m super excited. Next up what products am I going to use……….



9 thoughts on “Week in the Life: My Plan

  1. Thanks for reading Susan. And yes they do make 6×8 albums. Becky Higgins makes them, you can also get them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. There are a lot of places that sell them.


  2. This is absolutely fabulous 🙂 I have done it for two years and did loads of planning and it really helped, I didn’t finish entirely the first year and I 99% finished it last year and I love them both for what I did do, not what i didn’t do itms. Good luck, enjoy it and wish me luck as I am going to just do it this year 🙂


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