Week in the Life: Products

Ok so this blog is called Scrap and Plan because I like to Scrap and I like to Plan. I might be going over board on planning out my Week in the Life project but that’s ok, I have fun in the planning stages too.

I already shared with you my plans for Week in the Life, check out my first post about it here.  I made a photo list, journaling ideas, and decision on style. (Hint: This year I will be using the Project Life App.) Now it’s time to talk about products.

Oh how I love products, I have tons of physical Project Life kits, pattern paper, embellishments and more. But like I said I will be using the Project Life App for this project. Inside the app you can purchase lots of different kits to use, and don’t worry I have a bunch of those too. I was actually thinking about using the Amy Tan Plus One kit but it just wasn’t right.

During this project I am going to focus heavily on the journaling and I need my products to help me do that. Now don’t get me wrong the app is great and there are a ton of options for cards, font, style, and sizing but it just wasn’t right. Honestly, I just didn’t like any of the fonts. So I decided to make my own cards.

I don’t have photoshop or anything a designer would use but I can make a text box in Word and I decided that would work perfectly for me. You can make a 3×4 or 4×6 card in Word with all the text or images you want on it then save it as a .jpeg and insert it into the app as an image.

This might sound like a lot of work, and why would I need to do all of that when I can just use the products already inside the app, I mean that is what they are for. Well I’m crazy and like to create extra work for myself 🙂 but really it wasn’t a lot of work. And now I have exactly what I want to use. I can use the colors, and fonts I want from my computer.

Since I don’t have any real design experience I was only able to make super simple cards, but that’s good because I like the super simple look. I decided I would make each day a color and then use repeating elements throughout the cards.

Mainly I made journaling cards, places to add lots of words with simple titles. And I made some sentiment cards to use as filler, again just color and words. I took A LOT of inspiration from Ali Edwards style and cards that she has designed in the past. In fact some of them look exactly like hers but I used a different font. I used a lot of her story prompts and sentiments and created a few of my own. The best thing about creating your own cards is the fact that you can have them say whatever you want.

The Cards

Each day I am using a different color, Monday is blue, Tuesday is orange, Wednesday is purple and so on. Then I created 7 different style cards that I can change the color and the text to use throughout the album. I created one 4×6 and the rest 3×4 size, but when I start to use them it is easy to change the sizing if I need to.

I will be making a complete card in Word, the size I want with all the journaling already added then adding that finished card into the App page as an image.

Here are some of the cards I created, again they are super simple in design but I like that.


I created both cards that I can add journaling to and cards that I can use as just filler. The two cards that are blank (the lite blue and the three tone one) I plan to use as journaling cards. Once I know what I am going to say I can add a title to the card or not.

My thought was to just create a base design to reuse over and over again. I will take these base designs and change the colors for each day.

Here are all my day of the week cards.


Cute filler cards with the day of the week.


Sentiment filler cards.


Large sentiment filler cards.


So as you can see these are pretty simple looking but I love them. I think they are going to be so cute with my spreads. I made a test layout using the cards and some random photos in the app to see what they are going to look like.
IMG_2597project-life 2

Now these two pages are just examples not how I will actually use them. But I love everything about this, I love the simple cards, I love the white boarders around the card, I love that it’s just about the photos and words. The entire page has a white boarder around it, which I love, that happens inside the app. You can also see that I added journaling directly to the photo, I did that in the Letter Glow app and plan to do that a lot.

I am also planning on using different size pages in my album, I will make a single 4×6 photo or a single 3×4 card print them that same way using the app, and add them as inserts throughout the book.

If you can’t tell I’m super excited about this project and can’t wait to actually get started. I hope you are planning to document your week too. Let’s play together.



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