10 Year Mini Album: Adding Photos

Hello All, I’m  back to add my photos.

My 10 year wedding anniversary is quickly approaching and I’m moving right along in my album. You can check out my first post showing all my supplies at 10 Year Mini Album: Introductions and Supplies.

Now it’s time to add the photos. Like I said already I printed all my photos in 3×4, 4×4, or 4×6, fairly randomly with some of my favorite photos larger. I like to work in batches so after I printed all my photos I just slipped them into page protects all at once.

Adding all the photos was pretty easy, first I separated the photos by year and laid them all out on my desk one year at a time.

After I got them in pretty good date order on my desk I just started filling the pockets. I didn’t stress to much if the photos weren’t exactly in date order but I kept the years together.

Now I have all my photos in my album, leaving room or empty pockets to add filler cards and embellishments.

You can check out album flip through with just photos here

Now it’s time to start completing some pages.




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