Week in the Life – Three More Days Left

I’m 4 days into Week in the Life documentation, and it’s going pretty good.  Ali Edwards, the created of Week in the Life, actually did hers last week but I started Monday.

This project is both hard and fun, time consuming and joyous, overwhelming and reflective. Lets just say I have a love-don’t really love relationship with this project.

It is much more time consuming then I had ever imagined. My original thought was that I would be able to start making the days pages the following day and make my album during the documentation. I guess I was a little naive about this project and the actually making of the pages is taking WAY, let me say again WAY, longer then I thought it would.

On my first day, Monday, I ended up taking 98 photos that I deemed usable. Throughout the day I delete a lot of photos that are blurry, or duplicates or whatever, so I usually only have “good” photos at the end of a day.

After the first day I felt good and excited to start making the pages, I had lots of ideas on journaling and things I wanted to include. I was ready to start playing.

I did manage to make my first day layouts. It took my two days. Now that might not seem too bad but I am a work at home mom of two little ones and I can only either work on “work stuff” or “scrapbook stuff” while my youngest is sleeping. So I spent two days of all nap times and all down times working on one day. I don’t think I got anything else done those days.  Other then more photos for the documentation part.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m pretty happy with the way the first day pages turned out, but I was hoping it would move a little quicker.  This is my first year with this project and I’m actually doing it mainly digital and with the Project Life App (which is not the norm for me).  You can check out my prep post here.

I was and still am very excited about this project and creating my pages, but I think I am going to have to wait until after the documentation part to start working on the scrapbooking part. The actually taking of the photos takes a lot more time and energy then I thought it would.

Of course the first day is going to have the most photos, which I knew from the start that’s way I actually plan to include a lot of journaling in the following days. This is actually scarier for me, because I know the journaling is what takes the most time.

I just have to remember this is not a race to finish in one week, but a journey with myself. Ok, that sounds a little too hearts and flowers for me but you get the idea.

I do really like this project so far and I’m excited to get all the little things about my life down on paper.

If you are working on Week and the Life to good luck, I’m sure we will be happy with the results.

More information about Week in the Life:

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3 thoughts on “Week in the Life – Three More Days Left

  1. It sounds like you are figuring out what works for you and talking yourself through the challenges, instead of letting yourself get frustrated — good job!! 🙂 It absolutely is a lot of “work” — even though it is something you’re choosing to do. I’ve only completed WITL a couple of times, but now find those albums to be a precious time capsule of our lives.


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