Project Life Family Album: May 2016

Ok guys if you are on the fence about starting Project Life, it’s time to jump in! It is the best, I love the finished product so much and the process is streamlined, quick and fun.

I choose to do Project Life by month and separate the weeks, but I don’t force them on a two page spread. I just use as many pages as needed per week. I always wait until the end of the month (or something two months later) to work on a month at a time. I start by slipping all my photos in their spots, that usually takes about 20 minutes.

Then I gather all my supplies and lay out all the embellishments I’m going to use, this month was the Simple Stories Carpe Diem line.  Let me stop you right then, working from a kit with project life cards and embellishments does make the whole process much faster but you don’t have to, you can create your own or pull together a bunch of stuff from your stash. I just find that laying it all out makes the process go faster.

So after all my photos are in the album and my supplies are out I just start filling the pockets. I start with the first week spread add cards, journaling and embellishments then just move to the next week spread. Some spreads have a lot of journaling others don’t, some spreads have a lot of embellishments others don’t. As Ali Edwards always says it’s the sum of all the pages that make up our story.

This month was by far the fastest month I have every put together, I completed the whole month in one session, about 21/2 hours total. It’s not really about being fast it’s just so much fun and I have really created a streamlined process that it just comes together.

You can check out my video walk through of May here.

And here are the photos.


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