Making Your Blog Work for You

I have been thinking a lot about my social presence and what makes the most sense for me in regards to sharing. There are so many options and only so much time in the day. My first passion is creating and I would love to spend all my time doing that, but I also really enjoy sharing and connecting with others.  Finding that balance is a struggle for everyone who values both I’m sure.

Last March I started both a YouTube channel and this blog, since then my channel has grown quite a bit (thank you to everyone out there that follows me) but this poor blog has been feeling a little neglected.

I don’t spend as much time creating blog posts as I’m sure I should if I want to grow a following here. There is only some much crafty time in the week and I would rather spend that time making then writing about making, so my blog goes untouched.

There has been lots of talk recently about if people actually read crafting blogs and if they are worth our time in creating, I’m not really sure about the answer to this question, but if people are asking it that must mean something.

It’s a well known fact that blog readership is lower then it has been in the past but I still believe having a blog is a good “home base”, and I want to keep it active. A blog can be a good landing page for anyone searching for more, and heaven forbid I stop someone from finding me. 🙂

So it’s settled having a crafty blog is important to me and I want to continue to spend time here, but how much time and what does that look like? I know myself and I’m not going to commit to posting long blog posts every week or creating a post about every project that I create. I’m just not going to do it, Instagram is better for me to share daily work and when I have a process or project I want to share it will make it’s way to YouTube. But where does that leave my blog?

Great ready little blog it’s time for some changes, it’s time to make this blog work for me.

I have spent the last couple weeks thinking about how to make this blog work for me and what that would look like and I am now happy to share that with you.

First up it was time for a little refresh, a new theme and layout. I use the free version of wordpress to create my blog and there are lots of easy templates to use. After I selected a new look I wanted to make a more streamlined home page and easy to navigate pages to hold my projects.

Here’s a quick look around my new blog:

Home – A clean landing page to direct views to projects or posts.

October Daily 2016 – I plan to create special pages for any specific projects I’m working on. Right now I’m in the middle of my October Daily project. So whenever I create more pages in this album I will post them here.

Ali Edwards Story Kits – I recently started subscribing to Ali Edwards Story Kits and plan to share all my layouts created with these products here.

Blog Posts – I already have quite a few blog posts and I plan to still create blog posts when I feel the urge. It defiantly won’t be super consistent but they will all Iive here.

Layouts – This will serve as my gallery. I have already loaded a lot of my projects in here and plan to continue to add to this.

Project Life – Everything Project Life will live here.

Videos – Link to my YouTube Channel.

Let’s Connect – How to find me every where else.

I think this new layout will work nicely for me and I plan to keep it current with photos of all my projects under their specific category. Like I said early I do spend most of my time on YouTube and Instagram and that’s not really going to change but now I feel like my blog is more inviting and user friendly when someone does stop by to say hi. And I hope they do.

My last thought for you is to think about how you can make your blog or other social media outlets work best for you. If creating monthly or weekly or daily (yes I have heard some people do that) isn’t for you there are other ways to still have a blog. As Ali Edwards would say “be the boss of your blog”.

I would love to see what you are doing with your blogs and what you think of my new format. Thanks and until next time.


2 thoughts on “Making Your Blog Work for You

  1. I too struggle with this Youtube vs blog debate!! I started Youtube first and it’s my favorite way to share. But I also love how a blog really can show another side of you and a place to have a continuing dialog with the readers that do come and read your blog. I also struggle with the new norm of having a mostly photo layout or project share too. I love that the blog gives the room to be wordy and explain that thought process of how you made something. Anyway, glad to know you will still be sharing on your blog, even if it’s not as much its still something right.


  2. I found my way to you via a comment on facebook about you doing your Daily December in a stationary arch folder, but it had no youtube link so having the blog helped me find you and I love reading someones thought process and closeups without having to stop the video and try and go back in increments – so thank you for your blog.


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