December Daily: Day 3

I’m feeling good about this project and I’m feeling good about posting about this project. On to Day 3. December Daily Day 3

Here is the full spread in the album.


Yesterday was just a lazy day at home and we didn’t get very many pictures. Plus the pictures that I did get weren’t that great, so I turned them black and white and they look better. I added some simple journaling blocks and silver stars. The repetition looks great. December Daily Day 3

Both of my little cards were already included in this spread from my foundation. I created this Merry and Bright card in photoshop with a digital brush from Ali Edwards. Then added the red tree and silver stars on top.


Today’s Story No. card is the promote “joy is”, one of Ali Edwards favorites. Just some quick thoughts on what joy is right now.


I decided in the afternoon that I wanted to take a couple photos of my ornaments and other Christmas decor. I used just one of those photos today, more for later in the album. This idea comes directly from Ali Edwards she did a shot like this in her album last year. I wrote the journaling on my phone last night while we were watching The Polar Express, just some thoughts about the season.


This spread came together pretty quickly and now it’s done. Until Day 4…


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