December Daily: Day 4

Today is a no photo day, and that’s ok. I decided early this morning that today probably wouldn’t have any photos and embraced it. screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-6-38-16-pm

I knew we were staying home in the morning and then I was heading out to do some Christmas shopping by myself this afternoon. Thinking that I would be fine if I didn’t have any photos of this day I decided to do some embellishing.

I have been wanted to make a Christmas tree out of washi tape, something that I have been seeing lots of other people doing. My base for day 4 was a heavy red piece of cardstock added right to the album and one side of a page protector. Since I wasn’t going to add any photos I will just use the page protector for tomorrow. Don’t forget to be flexible.

So I had a piece of red cardstock as my base and I had a bunch of red washi tape, it was settled and I think it turned out great. I already had the metallic red number 4 and planned to hard write my journaling all around the page. Easy-peasy. December Daily Day 4


Until day 5…


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