December Daily: Day 5

I’m still loving December Daily and I hope you are too. December Daily Day 5

You can check out my process video for Day 5, here.

Day 5 is pretty simple with just one side of a page protector. I have three larger photos and three smaller spots for journaling and photos. I didn’t take any photos on this day until about 3pm and that was ok I still have plenty to include. So if you get to late afternoon and find you didn’t take any photos don’t freak out just pick up the camera. December Daily Day 5

Under the middle photo on the right I added in a flip up card. You can see it open below. I just adhered the door knocking photo and the magic card back to back and then used washi tape to add it to the photo with my youngest holding a bear.

TIP: Be sure to leave a small gutter between the two cards so the washi tape has a place to fold. December Daily Day 5

Loved adding in this fun interactive element. December Daily Day 5


My filler card was already created from my foundations and it’s super cute. The reindeer is from the Doodlebug Christmas die cuts and I made that tag from some Ali Edwards files in photoshop. December Daily Day 5

Don’t forget you can check out my YouTube channel to see more about this layout and everything else in my album.

Until Day 6…


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