December Daily Day 8

Lots going on with this layout. 🙂


You can check out my process video and hear more about my thought process here

Day 8 starts with an 8×11 piece of pattern paper from the Christmas stack I got at Hobby Lobby. I added one 6×8 photo of my oldest. The story I wanted to tell with this photo was the fact that he asks everyday how many more days until Christmas.

I could have stopped right there and had a great story for Day 8, but I wanted to add a little bit more and I decided to add an interactive element.

I used some washi tape to create a flip up to revel two more spreads below.

The top is just some red pattern paper with 8 things going on right now.

The bottom holds three more photos from last night. I kept the bottom spread inside the size of the top spread so you won’t see in of it picking out.

And there you go, another page complete inside my December Daily album.

Until day 9…


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