100 Day Project

It’s funny how one thing leads to another, a couple days ago people in the Scrap Gal Facebook Group were chatting about a new podcast from Elise Joy where she was talking about the 100 Day Project. That lead me to listen to her episode, which lead me to research more about this project, which lead me to here.

You can read more about the 100 Day Project here, but there’s not a lot of information on their site. It’s basically an Instagram challenge to do something for 100 Days and of course document/record/post about it.

I have decided to do 100 Days of Stories, I’m sure that’s not original but that’s ok. I have been on an ongoing quest to become a better story teller on my scrapbook pages and I have so many stories swimming around in my head it seams like the perfect time to make this happen.

My plan is to write my stories on a Travelers Notebook sized template in photoshop, and just focus on the words. I have created a basic title for each day but I do not plan to add an additional design elements. At the end of the project I will print all the pages and bind them together to make a physical Travelers Notebook. I might add more embellishments at that time, but I’m not sure.

These stories will of course lead to other projects, once I have the words a layout or mini album could come together quickly. Keeping this project of writing 100 stories simple and streamlined will hopefully help keep me on track.

The #100dayproject is April 4th – July 12th, there will be vacations, summer break, holidays, birthdays, parties, busy days and regular life all through out but my hope is to do this daily. Now if I miss a day I won’t freak out, but just catch up and continue. If I can finish this project with 100 stories that will something awesome.

So what kind of stories am I going to tell? All sorts!

First thing to realize is stories can take all sorts of forms, lists, repeating promotes, paragraphs, bullet points, sentences and more. I have taken my fair share of “journaling” classes and they all start with reminding us story telling doesn’t have to be long 5+ paragraph journaling, it can be anything. However I do plan to try to fill my space on the page.

This morning I quickly made a list of story promotes to get started and I already about 42, I know that’s not 100 but it’s a great start. Some came from my favorite story teller Ali Edwards, some came from my head, others came from a Pinterest journaling promote search. I plan to keep a running lists of story ideas so when day ten or day sixty-six comes up I will have something to write about.

I also plan to share this project, YAY!! I plan to share my daily promote here on this blog and on my Instagram. I won’t be sharing my actual story but I will share the topic for the day. I would love to have you all play along and join me in telling 100 stories in 100 days.

You can follow me on Instagram and use the hashtag, #100days100stories.

See you on day one.


5 thoughts on “100 Day Project

  1. I like this idea. I am in a very long creative slump. Maybe this would help???? And 100 days seems doable, not daunting. I have a brand new Jane Davenport traveler’s journal that has been sitting around looking sad and lonely. Thank you for sharing this!!!!


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