100 Day Project Notebook

I’m starting the 100 Day Project tomorrow, April 4th and I will be telling 100 stories in 100 days. You can read more about the project and my plan here. Each day I will be answering a promote and recording it on my computer in a travelers notebook template. At the end of the project my plan is to print them out and bind together.

Here’s an example of a physical travelers notebook. 

Of course you can do this project anyway you would like, pen and paper will work just fine. But I would suggest you determine a place to hold your stories.

I created my template in photoshop, but of course any other program would work as well. The page size is 81/2 high and each side is 4 1/4 wide. This is set up in a book format so I’m able to get two days/page on one template.

I kept the page design very plain on purpose and my daily goal will be to fill the page with writing. If you would like to download this template I have it below as pdf. I have also included a download of all the Story Number if you would like to use. I have only 1 – 24 now, more later.

Day 1 & 2 Template

Day 1- 24

Don’t forget to check back here every day during the 100 day project to follow along and please let me know if you are writing everyday too. You can also follow me on Instagram where I will be posting this challenge (and lots of other fun stuff) everyday.


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