Being Intentional with Week in the Life

Ali Edwards (my story and scrapbook hero) always talks about being intentional with your products, your story telling, your picture taking, your life and it’s definitely something that I strive to be, more intentional. With Week in the Life only a couple days away I have been searching for a way to focus myself during this project, a way to be, as Ali would say, more intentional.

This will be my second year documenting my Week in the Life and even though I’m happy with my finish 2016 album it was a long time coming. You can read more about that here, and see my 2016 album flip through. Thinking about the start of this year’s project I knew I wanted to 1. Take less photos (I know that sounds weird). 2. Format my journaling in a daily card/page (last year I did journaling on almost every picture and I don’t really want to do that again). 3. Focus myself through the days or have some sort of daily storytelling theme. 4. Be more “light” with everything (last year was too photo heavy, too word heavy, too number of pages heavy, too this is so important heavy).

As these ideas floated around in my head Ali posted another amazing blog post about getting ready for Week in the Life (check it out here). She talked about setting up her album and thinking about ways to tell the story. She talked about selected a theme for each day and focusing on that. After reading that post a couple times and letting all these ideas percolate I think I have a pretty good (and fun) idea of how to be more intentional during this project.

Each day I plan to focus on a word as a lens to tell my story. (I know very Ali Edwards, I told you she is my story hero.) A simple word that I could use as a promote to take my photos and tell my stories throughout the day. The words came up pretty quickly, which is good right, and I feel really good about this idea.

Monday – Play

Tuesday – Run

Wednesday – Work

Thursday – Watch

Friday – Fun

Saturday – Relax

Sunday – Love

These words will be a starting point for my day, something to keep in mind when taking my pictures and telling my stories. Something to focus on throughout the day and week.

I will of course still try to capture the entire feel of the day but with the slant or lens of my word. For example on Tuesday I can take a picture of us in the car, a totally common occurrence, and then use the word promote to tell a story of us running errands, or use the literally run with photos of my kids outside, or how we have to rush or run from one thing to another throughout the day. I don’t have all the ideas flushed out but I think it will be fun to tackle this coming week. I want to showcase our real lives through the use of these words.

When Week in the Life 2017 was announced I knew I was going to participate in this project and I bought the kit right away but it’s not until now that I’m truly excited about it. Having this focus and plan really excites me and I can’t wait to see what happens.



One thought on “Being Intentional with Week in the Life

  1. This is a fabulous idea and I’m sure your WITL project will be amazing! I’ve thought about trying to come up with a concept for mine but I think I’m just going to “wing it” as usual.


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