100 Day Project: Catching Up

The 100 Day Project is not joke, and yes I have fallen behind. Sometimes life gets in the way and if you don’t make something a priority it can fall to the waist side. BUT that’s ok, you can always catch up and re-start a project.

I have missed a full week but this project is still important to me, so I will continue.

For those of you that are playing along with me, here is what we have missed.

Let’s keep moving forward!


100 Day Project: Day 16

I hope you guys don’t mind that I have been combining Week in the Life and my 100 Day Project promotes. Today is Wednesday and I will be focusing on the word Work.


100 Day Project: Day 12

I’m totally taking a page from Ali Edwards story telling book to use this promote. Capture life right now in your house, at work, in the yard, whatever you are doing at 9am today. Now no need to be super worried about the exact time, if you don’t get to this until later tell the story of 1pm or 6pm or whenever, just tell a story from a specific time.


100 Day Project: Day 9

Confession time, I didn’t write yesterday. I know I’m bad, but the promote for yesterday had to be written at the end of the day and I totally lost track of it. Oh well, I did it this morning and all is well. Don’t let missing a day or even two or three stop you from completing this project. Keep it up.

For Day 9 we are telling a story from our pasts.