Project Life Family Album: May 2016

Ok guys if you are on the fence about starting Project Life, it’s time to jump in! It is the best, I love the finished product so much and the process is streamlined, quick and fun.

I choose to do Project Life by month and separate the weeks, but I don’t force them on a two page spread. I just use as many pages as needed per week. I always wait until the end of the month (or something two months later) to work on a month at a time. I start by slipping all my photos in their spots, that usually takes about 20 minutes.

Then I gather all my supplies and lay out all the embellishments I’m going to use, this month was the Simple Stories Carpe Diem line.  Let me stop you right then, working from a kit with project life cards and embellishments does make the whole process much faster but you don’t have to, you can create your own or pull together a bunch of stuff from your stash. I just find that laying it all out makes the process go faster.

So after all my photos are in the album and my supplies are out I just start filling the pockets. I start with the first week spread add cards, journaling and embellishments then just move to the next week spread. Some spreads have a lot of journaling others don’t, some spreads have a lot of embellishments others don’t. As Ali Edwards always says it’s the sum of all the pages that make up our story.

This month was by far the fastest month I have every put together, I completed the whole month in one session, about 21/2 hours total. It’s not really about being fast it’s just so much fun and I have really created a streamlined process that it just comes together.

You can check out my video walk through of May here.

And here are the photos.


Project Life Family Album: April 2016

I’m back to share April 2016 in my Project Life Album. I have found that it is easier for me to work in spurts on my Project Life album. I like to have all my photos added for the month and then spread out all my supplies and then finish a entire month at a time, usually over one or two session.

You can check out my video flip through of April here

And here are all the photos.


Project Life Family Album: March 2016

Ok I know it’s May but I’m just getting around to sharing my March 2016 Project Life Album, you know how it goes life gets in the way. But anyway here you go.

You can watch my album flip through here

I think March is where I have finally found my grove, yay! I went back to identifying the weeks and I really like that better. I’m not calling out the week number just adding a title card with the date range for that week.

FullSizeRender 6

I also finally managed to master the rolling date stamp, ok maybe not master but at least I can use it now. I don’t know why but I was having a terrible time with it, but now it is working great to add the dates to my title card.

Even though I’m separating my weeks I’m not forcing myself to keep to one one spread (or two pages).  I’m just adding in the photos using however many pages I need. I’m all about going with the flow and eliminating the pressure. This seemed to work nicely and keep everything moving right along.

One problem I was having was how to include journaling for something that I didn’t have a photo for, now that I’m separating by weeks a card that talks about something we did on Tuesday even though we don’t have a photo fits nicely in the spread.

I used a lot of the Elle Studio March kit and then some of the April kit towards the end (since I was still working on it when April showed up). I really like that kit and it’s only $9.99 when you buy it on launch day. I also jumped on the wood veneer bandwagon with two feet, I just love those arrow and hearts from Studio Calico.

I even made a couple journaling cards myself with a stamp set I have. Still trying to get more of my story into the pockets.

FullSizeRender 4

All in all this month came together really quickly and I’m loving it. Here are a couple pages inside my album:

FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 5

Until next month, I just printed all my April pictures so it should take too long to put them together.


Project Life Family Album: February 2016

Back again to share February 2016 in my Project Life Family Album. You can check out the entire album flip through on my youtube channel, here.

FullSizeRender 10

I made a couple changes in my format and style from January, mainly because I have been taking Ali Edwards‘ Storytelling with Project Life class.

I’m still doing February monthly and starting with the recap page. I printed this monthly recap on velum, added the February sticker to the top and a couple chipboard pink circle pieces to the outside of the page protector.

FullSizeRender 16.jpg

This month I tried a couple new techniques that I learned from Ali. Things like

  • adding repeating elements to the photo, like a ‘Love This’ promote
  • adding the stuff of life to your pockets, like movie tickets or circus flyers
  • adding large word stickers to the photos
  • adding a postcard I received in the mail

February also has the most journaling I have every done, YAY! I tried all sorts of new ways to include the story

  • large statements
  • notes to myself
  • day by day cards
  • social media screenshots
  • journaling directly on the photo
  • good/bad journaling
  • using time to tell a story
  • even longer stories

Here’s one of my favorite pages, I used a couple day of the week cards from a Simple Stories Snap Pack. On the Thursday card I journaled everything my youngest ate all day long.  A fun insight to what life is like for us.

FullSizeRender 14

I created the Morning, Noon and Night cards below after watching one of Ali’s Storytelling lessons. The cards each talk about some general details that happen through out the day. The cards are form the Becky Higgins Hi Sunshine Value Kit. I also did a Good and Bad of being Sick journaling card. Just another way to tell the story.

FullSizeRender 13

Adding in the stuff of life is super easy, the title is from the front of the circus program as well as the 3×4 photo of the clown on the bottom. I just cut up the cover to the size I needed.

FullSizeRender 12

Adding in a longer story is something that I have never done before, and I really like it. On the Monday after the weekend I just quickly wrote down what we did on Saturday and Sunday on scratch paper. Then when it was time to work on that week I was planning to add the journaling to a couple 3×4 cards. It was too long to fit, image that I had written too much. So I decided to just add it in a 6×8 insert.

FullSizeRender 7

The last page of February is the last day of February, Leap Day. I already created a mini album all about February 29th, but I still wanted to include a couple photos in my Project Life album. You can check all the details on my Leap Day Mini Album, here.

FullSizeRender 11

You can check out the entire album flip through on my youtube channel, here.

Hope you are enjoying working on Project Life as much as I am.


2016 Title Page

I have never been very good about creating title pages in my albums, even back in my traditional scrapbooking days I always skipped the first page. But finally after 2 1/2 months of thinking about it I completed my 2016 title page.

2016 Title Page from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

I already knew what photos I wanted to include, one of my husband and I and one of each of my sons from a photo shoot we did in January. Then I pulled out a 6×6 paper pad that I have been loving recently, Shine Bright from Kaiser Craft, and just did it. Sometimes I over think things too much and never get anything done. I need to keep reminding myself to just do it.

2016 Title Page from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

The bottom right card is some month stickers randomly added to some pattern paper. After I made this card I thought what if I don’t fit the entire year in one album then this card won’t match the album, again over thinking it, I decided to just keep it.


2016 Title Page from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com


I repeated the look of the month card on the top right, with 2016 stickers. I pulled all the black number stickers I had in my stash and again randomly added them to some pattern paper.



The “Life in Photos” card is from a Simple Stories Snap Pack and the back & is from my stash. I really like the way this page turned out. Now every time I open my album I’m happy to see this page.

2016 Title Page from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com2016 Title Page from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com


On the back of the page I needed something, and I thought about a large photo cut up in the pockets, then I thought a photo of our house, easy and done.




I feel such a sense of relief having my title page complete, I don’t know why I let it bother me for so long. But I’m happy it’s done and I hope you like it.


Thanks for reading.


Project Life Family Album: January 2016

Ok, so where am I in my 2016 Project Life Family Album? January is complete (has been for a few weeks now), I just finished February (only a week into March) and I haven’t started on March yet. I’m feeling pretty good, especially after I finished February (yesturday actually).

So I’m ready to start sharing, today will be all about January and February is coming soon.

At the end of December I made a couple decisions about how I was going to move forward into 2016 with my Project Life Family Album and I decided to do things a little different this year.

Project Life 2016 at www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

What’s Staying the Same in 2016

Size: Staying with 12×12

Photos and Journaling: I will still be using the Collect App to add journaling to my photos.

Embellishments: I’m usually pretty minimal with embellishments and that will stay the same, I like the focus to be on the photos.

Pocket Style: I will still be mainly using Design F Page Protectors from Becky Higgins.

What’s Changing in 2016

Monthly vs. Weekly in Project Life by www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com Format: I am changing to a monthly format instead of weekly spreads with week numbers. My plan is to use as many page protectors as need be to fit in all my photos and stories from the month. I will still be going chronologically through the month but not worrying about where each page starts and stops. With that being said I made almost all single side or one page spreads instead of two page spreads in January. I really liked the freedom to use as much space as needed and group photos as events instead of just by week.

What Products am I using in 2016?

I already have a couple Becky Higgins Core and Value Kits and was lucky enough to get a couple more for Christmas. Plus I “shopped my stash” over Christmas Break and found some pattern paper that I really like and cut it down in to 4×6 size so I can use them in my albums too.

My current Card Kits Include (mostly Becky Higgins):

These are the majority of the card kits that I have, I’m sure I will pick up a couple more along the way and I also like to print cards from the Project Life App when I just want one or two from a kit.

January 2016 Pages 

You can see a complete flip through of my January Project Life Album Here.

I’m starting each month out with a recap page. I actually saw this on another crafters blog, Katina Martinez, you can check her out at Loving Life’s Little Blessings.

Monthly Recap Page in Project Life Album by www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

I start with just a plain piece of paper numbered with the days of the month in my journal. Throughout the month I just add a simple phrase for each day. I then printed it on velum and used my fuse tool to make the page protector the right size.
One of my favorite pages this month was the second page using mainly blue cards with yellow accents.

January page from Project Life 2016 at www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com


Like I mentioned earlier I use the Collect App for iPhone to add all my journaling to the photos. It’s a really simple app to use and you can add as many photos as need be for each day. You can then save the photo to your camera role and print as normal.

You can see the walk through video of how I organize my photos and use the Collect App Here.

One thing I don’t like about using the collect app actually has more to do with how the photo is printed. I like to use Walgreens because I can order and pick up my photos the same day and they usually have a coupon making photos like 9 cents each. But the images always get cut off slightly when printed. I like that the finished 3×4 photo has a white boarder all around the photo and journaling when you create it in the app. But when they are printed it usually cuts off the white boarder on some sides. I even had some journaling cut off slightly.

Using Collect App to print Project Life Photos from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

As you can see in the photo of my son the right side doesn’t have a white boarder and the word tonight is cut off at the bottom. I sent some photos to Shutterfly last year and didn’t have this problem so I think it’s just Walgreens. So I could just send my photos off and not have this issue but I don’t really want to do that.

Here’s another page from my album that I really like.

January Project Life Page from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

Storytelling with Project Life is Changing Me 

I started taking Ali Edwards Storytelling with Project Life class at the beginning of February, in the middle of working on January, and it started having an effect on how I was completing my pages (more on that in February). You can check out my review of the class here.

She talks I lot about including the “stuff of life” and that inspired me to add an insert with Logan’s school work.

Stuff of Life Insert in Project Life from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

I just trimmed his school work to the size I wanted and cut a page protector to the right size. This time using washi tape to close, just because I thought it was cute. I also added stickers spelling ‘school’ along the side for fun.

As I mentioned earlier I do have a Fuse Tool it was a early birthday present to myself in January. I was playing around with it and made a pretty cool shaker pocket with some of the decor from my youngest’s birthday. I then added a blue chipboard number 1 to the outside of the page and it was done. Pretty Cool.

Shaker Pocket made with Fuse Tool in Project Life from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

We had family photos taken at the end of the month and I am so happy with the way they turned out. I included them at the end of the month and am still waiting to print two of them as 12×12 full page photos. I’m planning to order them from Persnickety Prints, it just hasn’t happened yet.

A Finished Album 

Project Life January 2016 from www.ScrapandPlan.wordpress.com

I’m pretty happy with the way January turned out. There are a couple cards that I wish were different but that’s ok, the story is there. As Ali says it’s the sum of everything in the pockets that makes up the story not just one card.

Please take a few minutes to check out the full walk through of January here, and let me know what you think.

Thanks and February is coming soon, just a heads up I do change my pocket and journaling style.