Mini Album: Kentucky Oaks

I love mini albums so much, they are quick and easy, you get to play with cute products and you can start and end a project (my favorite). So with my love of mini albums, it’s kind of crazy that I had never worked in the 4×4 size. Well, I fixed that and made an album all about my day at the Kentucky Oaks.

We live in Louisville, Kentucky and I absolutely love the Kentucky Derby, it’s a horse race in case you have never heard of it. And here in Louisville we know how to party so the city celebrates the best two minutes in sports with a two week party. There are tons of events and activities throughout the city and everyone is in the Derby mood. The day before the Derby is the Kentucky Oaks which is all about the fillies (girl horses). It’s also all about the pink, my favorite. This year was my first time going with my mom and I took some great pictures.

I used 16 photos, most printed full 4×4, a couple tags for journaling, some ephemera, and pieces of the program to create my mini album.

This album came together very quickly, in just one sitting for about 2-3 hours. I’m very happy with my chunky little album that now holds all my memories from this great day.

Check out my pages below, or you can see a video walk through, here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my mini album and I will definitely be using 4×4 again. Thanks.


8 1/2 x 11 Layouts: About Me Mini Album

I did it guys, I made some scrapbook layouts! My current scrapbooking consists of mainly project life and a few mini albums, but lately I have been working on some traditional layouts and I love it.

What promoted the sudden creation of actual layouts? Two things, the love of pretty paper and a new mini album project.

One of my favorite things to buy is paper pads and I have been collecting them like crazy the last few months, mainly finding them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and I even found some awesome paper at Walmart.

So I have all this beautiful paper and I needed to start using it, plus I have been wanting to start a mini album so I decided to just start creating. I pulled out some paper and a few embellishments and starting playing.

The mini album project I am creating is an album all about me. The album will include my selfies I have been taking this year as well as other things just about me. I know mini albums are usually mini, I mean the name is in the title, but I wanted this album to be bigger so I could play more. 8 1/2 x 11 sounded pretty good to me and since I usually scrap 12×12 this size is “mini”.

The current pages I created do have any journaling on them but don’t worry I intend to add in lots of pages that are just journaling. Again I’m treating this like a mini album so there is going to be a lot going on. 🙂

I have made 11 pages so far and have tons of more ideas to include. Most of the pages are just paper, lots of layers and shapes. Let me know what you think.

You can watch my video share of these layouts here

If you have tons of pretty paper just sitting around, grab it and start making something. It’s always more fun then not doing it.

Until next time.


10 Year Mini Album: Process Video

Don’t you hate it when you stall on a project? I have definitely stalled on this project, and that makes me sad.

I have been sharing with you my process for putting together a mini album of my first 10 years of marriage and my original goal was to complete the album before my anniversary on May 14th. Well it’s May 25th and it’s not complete. OH WELL.

It’s not the end of the world that it’s not complete yet the main problem is that I have kind of stalled creatively on it, hopefully my mojo for this project will come back soon.

Today I wanted to share with you a process video that I made a while ago (see I even stalled on sharing this process).

You can check out my video here, of the first few pages in my mini album.

Please let me know what you think and how you think it’s coming along, hopefully I that will get me going again on this project.

Check out the other posts about this project:

10 Year Mini Album: Supplies

10 Year Mini Album: Adding Photos

Thanks and hopefully I will be back soon to share more from this album.


10 Year Mini Album: Adding Photos

Hello All, I’m  back to add my photos.

My 10 year wedding anniversary is quickly approaching and I’m moving right along in my album. You can check out my first post showing all my supplies at 10 Year Mini Album: Introductions and Supplies.

Now it’s time to add the photos. Like I said already I printed all my photos in 3×4, 4×4, or 4×6, fairly randomly with some of my favorite photos larger. I like to work in batches so after I printed all my photos I just slipped them into page protects all at once.

Adding all the photos was pretty easy, first I separated the photos by year and laid them all out on my desk one year at a time.

After I got them in pretty good date order on my desk I just started filling the pockets. I didn’t stress to much if the photos weren’t exactly in date order but I kept the years together.

Now I have all my photos in my album, leaving room or empty pockets to add filler cards and embellishments.

You can check out album flip through with just photos here

Now it’s time to start completing some pages.




Week in the Life: Products

Ok so this blog is called Scrap and Plan because I like to Scrap and I like to Plan. I might be going over board on planning out my Week in the Life project but that’s ok, I have fun in the planning stages too.

I already shared with you my plans for Week in the Life, check out my first post about it here.  I made a photo list, journaling ideas, and decision on style. (Hint: This year I will be using the Project Life App.) Now it’s time to talk about products.

Oh how I love products, I have tons of physical Project Life kits, pattern paper, embellishments and more. But like I said I will be using the Project Life App for this project. Inside the app you can purchase lots of different kits to use, and don’t worry I have a bunch of those too. I was actually thinking about using the Amy Tan Plus One kit but it just wasn’t right.

During this project I am going to focus heavily on the journaling and I need my products to help me do that. Now don’t get me wrong the app is great and there are a ton of options for cards, font, style, and sizing but it just wasn’t right. Honestly, I just didn’t like any of the fonts. So I decided to make my own cards.

I don’t have photoshop or anything a designer would use but I can make a text box in Word and I decided that would work perfectly for me. You can make a 3×4 or 4×6 card in Word with all the text or images you want on it then save it as a .jpeg and insert it into the app as an image.

This might sound like a lot of work, and why would I need to do all of that when I can just use the products already inside the app, I mean that is what they are for. Well I’m crazy and like to create extra work for myself 🙂 but really it wasn’t a lot of work. And now I have exactly what I want to use. I can use the colors, and fonts I want from my computer.

Since I don’t have any real design experience I was only able to make super simple cards, but that’s good because I like the super simple look. I decided I would make each day a color and then use repeating elements throughout the cards.

Mainly I made journaling cards, places to add lots of words with simple titles. And I made some sentiment cards to use as filler, again just color and words. I took A LOT of inspiration from Ali Edwards style and cards that she has designed in the past. In fact some of them look exactly like hers but I used a different font. I used a lot of her story prompts and sentiments and created a few of my own. The best thing about creating your own cards is the fact that you can have them say whatever you want.

The Cards

Each day I am using a different color, Monday is blue, Tuesday is orange, Wednesday is purple and so on. Then I created 7 different style cards that I can change the color and the text to use throughout the album. I created one 4×6 and the rest 3×4 size, but when I start to use them it is easy to change the sizing if I need to.

I will be making a complete card in Word, the size I want with all the journaling already added then adding that finished card into the App page as an image.

Here are some of the cards I created, again they are super simple in design but I like that.


I created both cards that I can add journaling to and cards that I can use as just filler. The two cards that are blank (the lite blue and the three tone one) I plan to use as journaling cards. Once I know what I am going to say I can add a title to the card or not.

My thought was to just create a base design to reuse over and over again. I will take these base designs and change the colors for each day.

Here are all my day of the week cards.


Cute filler cards with the day of the week.


Sentiment filler cards.


Large sentiment filler cards.


So as you can see these are pretty simple looking but I love them. I think they are going to be so cute with my spreads. I made a test layout using the cards and some random photos in the app to see what they are going to look like.
IMG_2597project-life 2

Now these two pages are just examples not how I will actually use them. But I love everything about this, I love the simple cards, I love the white boarders around the card, I love that it’s just about the photos and words. The entire page has a white boarder around it, which I love, that happens inside the app. You can also see that I added journaling directly to the photo, I did that in the Letter Glow app and plan to do that a lot.

I am also planning on using different size pages in my album, I will make a single 4×6 photo or a single 3×4 card print them that same way using the app, and add them as inserts throughout the book.

If you can’t tell I’m super excited about this project and can’t wait to actually get started. I hope you are planning to document your week too. Let’s play together.



Week in the Life: My Plan

It is almost time for Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life, and I’m super excited. This will be my first attempt of this project and I think I have created a plan to make it both fun and doable for myself.

What is Week in the Life? 

A week long photo and journaling documentation project created by Ali Edwards. Check out more about it on Ali’s blog.

Basically, it is a combination of both photos and words to tell a story of your week to serve as a snap shot of your life right now.

The official dates for Week in the Life are May 9 – 15, 2016. This is just when Ali is doing hers and she invites people to play along with her. This project can be done anytime, I am actually doing it the following week, May 16 – 22.

3 Main Steps

There are three main steps to this project, take photos, add journaling, combine them both. Individually each of these can seem daunting when you set out to do them for a full 7 days, then when you think about the fact you have to do all three many people get overwhelmed. Now I am not going to lie I am a little scared too, but as with any project the best way to start is with a plan.

I am by no means an expert at this project, I haven’t even completed it before. But I have been doing quite a bit of research and planning on how to execute this project and would like to share my plan with you.

One thing to note, I plan to focus more on the words for this project and get a lot of the why and how into the story. My entire plan is focused on the story (Ali would be so proud).


I’m not too worried about getting enough photos, I take a lot of photos already and don’t feel like it will be too hard to take it up a notch or two this week. I do want to make sure I get a couple key photos during this week and I’m also going to try to spread them out over the week.

Here are some photos I would like to take this week, keep in mind I want to take photos with a story in mind:

  • Group family shot
  • Each family member individually, would love to get these shots at a blank wall with them alone. I think these will be the hardest photo for me to capture.
  • Pair each family member together to tell the story of their relationship (mom and dad, mom and oldest, mom and youngest, dad and oldest, dad and youngest, bothers). I want to try to get these throughout the week, so I can tell a different story each day.
  • Chores around the house, laundry, dishes, cleaning, making the bed, grocery shopping, getting gas, checking the mail, making meals, etc.
  • Food we eat, where we eat it, and why. I want to tell the story of why my son sits at the kitchen counter to eat and why I usually stand in the kitchen to eat my meals.
  • My kids favorite toys or stuffed animals.
  • Husband’s work and hobbies, since he is going to be at work for most of the week I want to tell a little of his story as well. I plan to take a photo of the outside of his work building and the outside of his gym, where he spends most of his time. I’m also going to ask him to take a photo at work but I’m not counting on it.
  • An outside shot to talk about the weather everyday, the different sides of my house, the view from the car, other neighborhood shots. We spend most of our time at home so I want to include different angles on the same place, my house/yard.
  • Myself – I want to make sure I get myself in these photos, either selfies (holding the camera up) or using my timer and getting in the action.
  • Morning routine and bedtime routine, one or two shots per day about our “normal stuff” getting up in the morning, wearing my glasses first thing in the morning, bath time stuff, brushing teeth, tuck into bed.

There will also be photos through out the day of us doing stuff, again like I said I already take a lot of those “what are we doing” photos, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


Since the beginning of the year, and thanks to Ali Edwards, I am focusing on journaling so much more and adding some much more to the story then I have ever before. I will continue to focus on the words and add lots of them to this project as well.

As you saw in my photo list most of my photos I plan to take are in order to tell a specific story but there are also lots of other words I want to include.

I’m planning to add journaling directly to the photos as much as I can using the Letter Glow app, that will be more of what is happening in the photo. Then I will add journaling cards for longer stories.

Here are some of the journaling prompts I want to use to tell my story throughout the project, most of these are from Ali Edwards herself. Some of these I will use are sentence starters of my journaling, or titles for the journaling card, others are just things I want to include somewhere throughout.

  • I want to remember
  • The Story of this photo
  • Mondays are for… Tuesday are for… Wednesday are for…
  • Today you…
  • I love you because…
  • My favorite part of the day…
  • The places we go (Include time or distance it takes to get places)
  • The things we say
  • The stuff we do
  • The things we love
  • Who we are (names, ages, etc)
  • My nicknames for the kids
  • 10 Things About You
  • Favorites / Currently – Listening, Reading, Playing, Watching, Eating, Saying – maybe for each family member on a different day
  • Our perfect day would include?

Those are just some of the ideas I have, again I got a lot of those from Ali’s projects. It’s just stuff I want to include, and I know I most likely won’t include them all it just a nice list to look at throughout the project.

Words + Photos = Mini Album

Here is where I struggled the most, what was I going to do with this project? How was I going to lay it out? What is the finished product going to look like. For most of my projects I like to start with the end in mind (Becky Higgins anyone?).

There are lots of blogs and videos on how people put their Week in the Life album together and I watched most of those :), but I just wasn’t sure yet. Then I saw a post on The Scrap Gals Facebook Group of someone who made what looks like a 6×8 project life style album in photoshop and it just looked so nice, I just had to do it that way.

Now I don’t have photoshop so that’s not going to work, but I do have Becky Higgins Project Life App and that will work perfectly. I have used the app in the past and really liked it but didn’t stick with it because I like playing with paper. But for this mini project I think it will be great.

One of my main concerns in figuring out how I was going to document this project was how I was going to handle the journaling. Like I said I want to include a lot of it but I don’t love my handwriting and computer journaling doesn’t allows look that great so using the app will be perfect. I will be able to have a full page printed together with my journaling included.

Final Plan

I’m going to take a bunch of photos and journal a lot all week, then I’m going to use the Project Life App to make a 6×8 mini album. I do plan to print my finished 6×8 pages and slip them into a d-ring binder.

Now I have a plan and I’m super excited. Next up what products am I going to use……….



10 Year Mini Album: Introductions and Supplies

Hello All,

Today is the first post in a new series about putting together a mini album about the first 10 years of my married life.

My husband and I will be celebrating 10 years on May 14th and I wanted to create a mini album spanning the entire 10 years. I know sounds like a big project, and it is. Feeling pretty good about it so far, we will see what happens.

My plan is to share with you my process of gathering my supplies, selecting my photos, a couple process videos and then a completed album. I will be updating here on my blog as well as sharing a video on my You Tube Channel, ScrapandPlanwithLea.

So let’s just dive in and get started.


Supplies copy

The first thing I found was a black and white 6×6 paper pad from Michaels, and I had a theme. Next I found a couple embellishments from Heidi Swapp and a few things in my stash.  I love doing Project Life so it was easy to select a 6×8 pocket page black 6×8 album as well.

You can see my video walk through of all my supplies here.

Next up is selecting the photos.