Travelers Notebook Tuesday

It was time for me to join in on the Travelers Notebook fun and I jumped in with both feet. About a month ago I started working in a Travelers Notebook and I started a new series on my YouTube Channel called Travelers Notebook Tuesday. Each Tuesday I share a process video from a layout inside my notebook. So far it has been really fun working in an insert and I’m happy I started this new project.

How it all started

I have been seeing more and more people working in a Travelers Notebook or Midori and was instantly interested but just wasn’t sure how I was going to use it. I already document pretty much every picture I take in my Project Life Album and didn’t want to duplicate efforts. I was also a little concerned about the size, people seem to use such small photos in their layouts and I don’t really like that.

Of course I watched lots of other people sharing their layouts but just wasn’t sure yet. I was really draw to how Tiffany Lowder was using hers and thought it might work for me. She was highlighting a couple things that happened each month and making spreads about them. Again that is pretty much what I do in Project Life but I was kind of liking that idea. Not enough to start yet, though.

Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing, I felt like I was missing out (and I was). It felt like everyone was talking about travelers notebook in my scrapbooking Facebook groups then The Scrap Gals did an episode about them and I just had to do it. The Scrap Gals are an awesome podcast about scrapbook, and if you don’t listen you are missing out (more peer pressure).

About this time I found a set of three inserts for a travelers notebook at Michaels on clearance and picked them up, still not sure what I was going to do with it.

Finally a plan

So I had the motivation and I had the products, I just needed a plan. Some people use travelers notebooks for the Listers Gotta List challenge or other journaling promotes and I liked that idea, since another goal of mine is to journal more. I thought this could work.

I came up with a list of page promotes, mainly in list form. Some of my ideas include, my favorite thing about you, things you say, what it’s like to be a 1 year old, currently lists, foods we like, and so on. Most of these things don’t end up in my project life but I want to remember them as I’m sure they will change over time. I had about 22 ideas and I planed out my entire insert with which pages would be which promotes so I could just dive in to any promote I wanted and work on that page.

Once I got to work, I really like it a lot. The pages are small and they come together fairly quickly. Plus the most important thing I’m recording a little more of our lives.

Process Videos

Every Tuesday I share another layout on my channel, you can check them out below.


Travelers Notebook Tuesday #1

Travelers Notebook Tuesday #2

Travelers Notebook Tuesday #3


I have already started to think of some more idea for another insert, so I have a feeling I will be working in a travelers notebook for a while.

If you work in a travelers notebook I would love to see your pages, and please join me on Traveler’s Notebook Tuesday.