Kill a Kit Lesson 1

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There are three basic steps for Killing a Kit, gather a kit, print photos, and put the two together. Sounds simple right? Well it kind of is, but don’t worry I will walk you through it.

The Kit – I will be using a digital kit from Tori Bissell called Cloud 9, you can pick it up here.

The Photos – Go ahead and print several sets of photos, enough to make at least 5 layouts. I like to use photos from different time periods in order to spread out my product.

My Printers – I have two Canon Printers that I use at home to print both photos and digital kits.

Canon Pixma MG 7720 and the Canon Pixma iX 6820

Now that you have a kit and your photos printer check out how I set up my desk.

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One more thing you might need in order to make a lot of layouts are some sketches or other inspiration. Here are four sketches that I created for this class, feel free to use them to create your layouts.

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