Kill a Kit – Lesson 3

The best part about using a digital kit is that you can manipulate or change the elements from the kit to meet your needs. You can take a 3×4 journaling or filler card and stretch it to become a full background piece of paper or pull the words from a card and make a large title. The options are endless.

In this lesson I will show you how I use Photoshop Elements and Microsoft Word to manipulate different pieces from the digital kit. I would highly recommend you watch the Photoshop video even if you don’t have photoshop, because I share quite a bit of my thinking when looking at the kits.

Play Working in Photoshop Video

Play Working in Word Video

Play Printed Elements Video

Now take some time to really look at the individual cards and elements from the kit and thinking about how you can see yourself using them. Do you like a specific part of 3×4 card that you could make an larger element out of? Do you see a page title living on a journaling card? Play with the kit some and create new papers or embellishments to use on your layouts.

Here are two layout process videos that I created after manipulating elements from the kit.

Play Rainbow Process Video

Play Amazing Giggles Process Video

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